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"Have nunchucks. Will travel." - Antonio "Tony The Tiger" Vernón

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Tony Vernón, currently in a lawsuit regarding his status as a Finance Ph.D. Student at The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, is attempting to become the first African-American to obtain a finance Ph.D. from one of the top five Finance Ph.D. programs (UChicago, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, or Wharton).

Definitively, African-American is defined as one who is American and of African and especially of black African descent. However, demographically, African-American is defined as one who is American-born and of African and especially of black African descent.

Recent African-American Ph.D.'s in finance from top (Business Week top 25) Universities include Heather Tookes (Cornell University 2003), Matthew Clayton (Northwestern University 1996), George Comer (New York University 2001), and Sonya Williams-Stanton (University of Michigan 1993). Although these schools are highly ranked for general graduate business study, MBA school rankings and Ph.D. school rankings are very different especially by field of study.

There are non-native Americans who have received finance Ph.D.'s. (Lemma Senbet) or Economics Ph.D.'s (Peter Henry), but serve as finance professors. Other prominent doctorally qualified members of the finance professorium include William D. Bradford and Rohan G. Williamson

If you would like to support or participate in the movement to produce minority professors in business Ph.D.Project

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