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The first video CDs were posted on eBay on April 26th under the item name Summer 2006 Video CD - Antonio "Tony The Tiger" Vernon. The current plan is to auction the first several online with the auctions closing in the first week of May. Limited edition deluxe, deluxe and standard CD format are available with a production length of about 12.5 minutes. Preliminary retail list prices are $99.99 for the limited edition deluxe, $39.99 deluxe and $19.99 standard. Preliminary autographing fees will be $15. The CD includes approximately 75 clips from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, and Ontario beaches and parks, including his solo debut performance on July 3, 2006. The limited edition deluxe version will have a finite print run starting with 600 copies of the monochrome deluxe version. If there is sufficient demand for these, an additional 310 copies of the monochrome deluxe version will be printed. No further monochrome deluxe versions will be printed after these 910 are printed. It is possible that in the future, an additional 165 color disc printings will be made available. A 45 second preview is available on youtube.

Tony's celebrity signature will feature a single capital "T" for all three words in his "Tony The Tiger" autograph. His alternate celebrity signature (available upon request) will feature El Tigre signed with the l and T combined in such a way that he never picks up his pen (see picture). Prior to March 2007 Tony had signed no autographs. To date he has signed just a few with his primary signature and none with his alternate signature. At this point it is unclear if Tony will issue any permanent autographs other than on his CD productions.

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