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"Have nunchucks. Will travel." - Antonio "Tony The Tiger" Vernón

Antonio Vernón vs. University of Chicago et al.
Case No. 02 L 015749
Judge Ronald F. Bartkowicz

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July 20, 2007 Press Release

On July 13, 2007 The court has revised the pre trial briefing schedule as follows: Plaintiff has until July 30 to respond to Defendant's motion to strike Plaintiff's amended expert report. The University has until August 10 to respond. The clerk's status will be on August 13 at 8:45. The hearing on the motion is set for August 16 at 4:30. Plaintiff has until August 16 to name a second expert, and to disclose an expert report. At the August 16 hearing, the court will determine future expert discovery orders and deadlines, it will hear the Defendant's Motion for Leave to File An Amended Answer To Plaintiff's Third Amended Complaint to Add Affirmative Defense, and Defendant's motion to strike Plaintiff's amended expert report.

Plaintiff has moved for a 2-day time extension to respond to Defendant's summary judgment. Defendant reply had been due August 8, with clerk status set for August 9 and hearing date on August 20. The case continues to be set for jury trial during the week of September 24, 2007. A jury trial has been set for the entire week of September 24, 2007.

The court has determined plaintiff's entitlement to attorneys' fees and costs due to the belated production of the 1200 documents. The magnitude of the award is at issue in the fee petition and a refiled petition is awaited.

The court continues to reserve ruling on defendants' petition for duplicate costs arising from the plaintiff's 2nd amended complaint.

In his suit against the University, nine claims are now at issue. Counts I and II allege, respectively, breach of express and of implied contract, due to violations of University regulations, and his rights to freedom of inquiry, as set forth in the University manual and handbook. Freedom of inquiry, one of the most highly protected freedoms in an academic community, is the freedom to inquire without penalty or retribution. Counts IV and V allege breach of express and implied contracts for financial aid (especially free tutoring). Newly added counts VII and VIII reallege these breaches of contract with refinements based on discovery to date. Count IX for spoliation of evidence was added for breach of duty to preserve evidence by destroying thousands of potentially relevant documents. Count VI alleges detrimental reliance on the promises of the University. Count X is for tortious interference with contract. Vernón claims the University lured him from another program, and uprooted his life. Vernón is represented by Elaine Siegel (ELAINE K.B. SIEGEL & ASSOC., P..C., 39 South LaSalle Street, Suite 617, Chicago, Illinois 60603, (312) 236-8088,

Vernón, a kukkiwon certified black belt, is one of Chicago's most prominent non-projectile weapons practitioners and most popular beach personalities. He often performs using the nickname "Tony the Tiger". You may have seen him perform July 3rd in the Wilmette Parks District Independence Day Celebration. Plaintiff notes the imminent release of his "Summer 2006 Highlights" video, which will include some 50 video clips from the last year. He was the 1st middleweight collegiate athlete to deadlift 600 lbs. without using steroids. His father, Dr. Carlos Vernón (1937-2003), was the 1957 Athlete of the Year for the Republic of Panama and is the greatest sprinter in Latin American history. He ran a 10.2 when the world record was 10.1.

Donations to his legal fund by check and money order, at Vernón Legal Fund, 1507 E. 53rd. St. - #608, Chicago, IL 60615 are welcomed. Donations by credit card and electronic payment can be made via free paypal accounts (from to or

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