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Welcome to the website of of Antonio "Tony The Tiger" Vernón. You can find many resources here, including Tony's video files related to martial arts and athletic training, legal issues related to martial arts device use and display, and personal information about Tony. If you are seeking information on Tony's video CD, "Summer 2006", please see its separate page. Tony is one of Chicago's most prominent non-projectile weapons practitioners. He was the 1st middleweight collegiate athlete to deadlift 600 lbs. without using steroids. His father, Dr. Carlos Vernón (July 25, 1937-March 8 2003, 1957 Athlete of the Year Republic of Panama), known as "The Panamanian Bullet" and "El Rapido", is arguably the greatest sprinter in Latin American history1 (He ran a 10.2 when the men's 100 meters world record was 10.1).2 You will find video files of Tony performing with weapons, training, or performing athletic feats on this video file page. Some videos are recent vidoes of the 40 year old Tony the Tiger others are classic videos of the 35 year old Tony the Tiger. Click the following link if you are interested in reading Tony's brief filed regarding Illinois Department of Natural Resources vs. Antonio Vernon for my case involving public use and display of martial arts devices.

You will see Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon Clip which is 14 21/30 seconds and my rendition which is 20 4/10 seconds. In general, I do not focus on speed with weapons. I prefer to focus on being bidirectional and ambidextrous. You will find video files of traditional World Tae Kwon Do Federation Poomse, known as Tae Guk Forms, by clicking the link.

Hopefully some of you saw Tony at the July 3, 2006 (Wilmette Park District) Independence Day Celebration. You can look for him out and about on the beaches and in the parks throughout the summer.

Tony's maternal cousin, Edward Anderson, a trumpeter, has music you can sample at He was a specialized extra (2nd Trumpet) in the movie Ray (77th annual 2005 Oscar for Best Achievement in Sound as well as Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role) and (48th annual 2006 Grammys for Best Soundtrack and Best Score)

1Lloyd Berrington LaBeach, Panama's ONLY olympic medalist, won 2 bronze medals in the 100 and 200 meters in 1948. He was born in Panama City and raised in Jamaica. Click here for a link to Panamanian Athletes known here in the U.S. Also, note that while the link cited above for LaBeach shows he went to UCLA it appears he transferred to become a part of University of Wisconsin History.

2Note that throughout this webpage, the geographic reference Latin American is used as opposed to the ethnic references "Latino" or "Hispanic". These later references generally refer only to Spanish speaking countries (including Spain), whereas the former is the region of the Americas south of the United States where Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, or related Creole languages) derived from Latin are officially or primarily spoken. I prefer this reference for two reasons. The ethnic references are exclusionary (see criticisms in the links provided). 1. Generally, I do not want to promote an exclusionary definition. 2. Specifically, my dad use to always speak very highly of the great swimmers from the islands off of Panama's mainland who swam as a mode of transportation between the islands. He felt many of these people have more unrefined swimming talent than the most respected international competitive swimmers. Although I realize that this representation may be part fact and part fable, as an athlete, I do not want to exclude these people from my father's group. However, none of these ethnic classifications provides the optimal reference for my point. My father's accomplishments are most impressive when judged against athletes born and raised in Mexico, Central America and South America.

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