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"Have nunchucks. Will travel." - Antonio "Tony The Tiger" Vernón

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N.B. Tony hopes to incorporate a photo gallery service soon. In the mean time see the photos below.

Summer 2006
Tony has a 26 inch slice at Ocean City, NJ
Tony @ Atlantic City, NJ's Bikini Beach
Tony with Jenny Johnson Jordon and Annett Davis.
Tony with Misty May-Treanor.
Some pictures of Elaine Youngs and Rachel Wacholder 1, 2, 3
Team Cuervo meets a dude wearing Spongebob Squarepants 1, 2, 3

Spring 2006
Tony on West Palm Beach
Tony in West Palm Beach
Tony Behind Mar-a-Lago
Tony on Ft. Lauderdale Beach on St. Patrick's Day
Tony on Ft. Lauderdale Beach
Tony on Collins Park Beach
Tony got lost and ended up meeting these babes in Coconut Grove.
Tony is a new fan of Coconut Grove.
The Miami Beach money shot.
Tony on Pompano Beach.
Tony at Ft. Lauderdale.
Tony carrying the arsenal.
Tony makes a late appearance at Deerfield Beach.
Does it look like Tony has convinced this woman that Tony The Tiger is an international sex symbol? 1, 2, 3

Summer 2005
Tony in full honorary uniform
Tony in bottom half with chucks
Tony With Master Maceo Pembroke, Jr. at 2005 Taste of Chicago
Chicago's Elite Tae Kwon Do Exhibitionists at 2005 Taste of Chicago
Chicago's Elite Tae Kwon Do Exhibitionists at 2005 Taste of Chicago
Tony @ 2005 Fiestas Puertorriqueñas in Humboldt Park
Kevin Reevey, Dave Abella, Barry Asato & Tony on Kev's 40th at Churrasscaria Plataforma in NYC

Spring 2005
Tony gets ready for whale watching
Whalewatching footage
Tony @ U.S.S. Arizona Memorial
Tony prepares to raise flag on U.S.S. Arizona
Tony raising flag on U.S.S. Arizona
Tony @ Mount Kilauea lava flow
Tony on Mount Kilauea
Tony @ Ironman Triathalon start
Tony holds bird at Embassy Suites Ka'anapali

Summer 2004
Tony with Dad's Cousins (Jackie, Thelma & Roberto) in front of his condo.
Tony and Jackie try to figure out the flash.
Tony with Dad's Cousins (Roberto, Jackie, & Thelma)
Tony and Jackie on the Beach

December 2003-Panama

Gatun Locks with 1st Cousin once removed (Dad's 1st cousin), Everald Percival, and 2nd Cousin, Carlos Enrique Percival.
Gatun Locks Engine with Everald and Carlos Percival.
Church of the Black Christ with Everald and Carlos Percival.
Tony @ Palacio de las Garzas. (The Panamanian White House)
Instituto Nacional de Cultura
Plaza de la Indepencia en Casco Antiguo
Miraflores Locks
Panama City Autobus.
Dad's High School.
Dad's High School.
Dad's High School.
Dad's High School.
Dad's High School.
Tony and a lovely local.
San Blas Dog Island.
San Blas El Porvenir Terminal
San Blas El Porvenir Water Limosines with Tony's luggage
San Blas El Porvenir Water Limosines
Tony relaxes at Hotel San Blas
San Blas Nalunega with kids
Museo de Historia de Panama
Museo del Canal Interoceano
Bocas del Toro Isla Basimiento frog
Isla Basimiento
Isla Basimiento hiking trail
Hotel Guest in Bocas del Toro

December 2003-Costa Rica1

Montezuma, Costa Rica
Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Summer 2003
AVP Chicago Open/Sports Illustrated Fresh Faces Swimsuit Model Search (8/30/03-8/31/03)

Tony with Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Vixens Petra Nemcova (2002-2006, 2003 cover) and Michelle Lombardo (2004-2005).
Tony with the Olympic Gold Medalist Dain Blanton [Website] and 2-time National Male Volleyball Player of the year Jeff Nygaard.
Tony with 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist and the greatest volleyball player in history Karch Kiraly.

Spring 2003
Tony with Cousin Rogelio (Frank's Eldest Son), Gregorio (Egbert's Eldest Son), and Carla (sister)

Okinawa (6/23/02-6/24/02)

Tony at Uechi Family Burial Grounds
Tony (6th Kyu) with Seizan Sensei (6th Dan) and Toyama Sensei (10th Dan). Seizan Sensei is one of only two (Steven Seagal is the other) Americans to own their own dojo (Okinawa KarateDo UechiRyu Zankai Nagahama Shibu Dojo) in Japan. Toyama Sensei is the seniormost active UechiRyu instructor in the world and is is the highest-recognized Master (i.e., the only 10th Dan) of that system. His 10th dan promotion was given the Government of Japan (representatives of both the Emperor's and Prime Minister's offices).
Tony training with Seizan Sensei

Tokyo (6/17/02-6/22/02)

Tony at Shinjuku Central Park
Tony at Imperial Palace and Niju-bashi Bridge
Tony at Imperial Palace Hon-maru Garden
Tony at Imperial Palace Ni-no-maru Garden
Tony in Ueno Park between Grand Fountain and Tokyo National Museum
Tony and "Fans" at Kitanomaru-koen
Tony and Ultimate Fighting Champion Josh "The Baby Faced Assassin" Barnett
Tony says a prayer at the Meiji Shrine

Seoul (6/10/02-6/16/02)

Tony at The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea
Tony Dining with Kim Qwan Ja Nim (7th Dan) and Family
Tony at Yonsei Master's Taekwondo School (The #1 rated school in Korea)
Tony shaking hands with some "buddies" after Brazil-Costa Rica.
Tony (1st Dan Tae Kwon) and Maceo (1st Dan Tae Kwon Do and 1st Dan Kum Do) at the Kukkiwon
Tony at the Kukkiwon Stone
Tony receiving Honorary 5th degree/instructors dobuk and black belt from Kim Qwan Ja Nim
Tony touring Seoul with Maceo and Yonsei Master's Tae Kwon Do School's top student, Mr. Chang Hur (4th Dan)

South Beach (3/18/02-3/22/02)

Tony and a few Southern Belle fans.
Tony borrowed his Shinjuku pose above and a few techniques from an excellent Rumanian weapons practitioner named Constantin.

South Fl (5/99-6/99)

Tony fighting the Ft. Lauderdale sun with his bo staff.
Tony debuting on Ocean Drive.

Old Favorites
Tony at North Ave Beach on July 4th in Handcuffs with Bo Staff
Dad's House
Tony at the Grand Canyon. I believe this was the South rim the same day Hillary and Chelsea visited. I'll research the date.
Tony and Chairman Alan Greenspan.
Tony's First Day at the Office.
Tony at the Acropolis.
Tony participating in a wine stomp.
Tony and Wynton Marsalis (Can you tell these guys just had some good gumbo?).

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1Unfortunately my digital camera was on the bottom of my bookbag during a water taxi ride in rough waters. Every wave sent the bag in the air and crashing down on the floor of the boat. I was relegated to a disposable camera during the Costa Rica part of the trip. Hence, I have no really good photos of this beautiful country.

All .jpg files shot since December 2005 have been shot with my new Canon A620 digital camera in December 2005. .jpg's shot between October 2003 and December 2005 were with my old Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera except those from Costa Rica, which were shot with a disposable. The .jpg files shot before October 2003 were shot with a 35mm Olympus Infinity Twin printed as either 3"x5" or 4"x6" prints and scanned into electronic files.

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