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"Have nunchucks. Will travel." - Antonio "Tony The Tiger" Vernón

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Although Tony is a Tae Kwon Do blackbelt, weaponry is not traditionally a part of Tae Kwon Do. Below you will find that we do not always refer to the weapons by their Korean names. Many of them are better known by names derived from other languages. Furthermore, note that the term "weapon" is used loosely. It is a term used for traditional fishing and farming implements that were utilized in hand to hand combat for self defense.

N.B.: None of the weapons that Tony trains with are classified as projectiles even in the strictest sense of the definition (which includes knives that project in the arming action with spring mechanisms like switchblades).

You can google most weapons and find interesting information. However, I highly recommend this page about the Butterfly Knife. If you are curious here is a good look at a tirechain. Note that there are several types of chain links. My personal preference is twist link. Coil link is also good. I personally do not like to use most weldless or decorator chain such as single jack, double jack, single loop, or double loop chain links. It is not necessary to use passing link chain. According to Passing Link Chain is an electrically welded steel chain, the links of which are designed with the inside width greater than twice the thickness of the material, thus allowing the two adjacent links to pass in any link, reducing any tendency to kink.
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